Stay calm through these energetic storms.

People assume, well I'm assuming that people assume, that "Yoga people" live in a state of clam 24/7. I can only speak for myself but some days I find myself wanting to Namaste someone violently. Yes, practising Yoga and meditating does calm you down but the truth is we still live in the real world with real world problems. Even first world problems described below. I am currently in the Middle East and well, daily I feel like I am living on Mars. I am ever so grateful for my life and the experiences I have had. I am a gypsy and traveling is what I do but I am also human and some days here I just want to scream. Little things that we take for granted in our "home" abodes. For example just wanting to receive a parcel in the mail...... the effort, the wait. Two months and a lot of come here, no go there then no come back..... I just want my parcel. The truth, yesterday I got screamed at to leave the post office after they told me to come collect my parcel. So I left with my tail between my legs and my Yoga calm completely diminished. Only to ring them back and be told that my parcel was waiting. On collection today I felt like Katy Perry, the whole non-English speaking business knew my name, well, a variation of it! Then there are the Taxis, where apparently none of their meters work, one day the charge can be a dollar then the next day the same trip, cost 10! Then there is the beeping at you as you walk down the street, I feel violated constantly. Yes, its 50 degrees outside and I appreciate your concern but there are a hundred cabs around and if I wanted one I would hail you down. Stop beeping at me, I feel like a hot woman walking past a building site. I love the attention but beep one more time and I might jump on your bonnet. Then because this city likes to name a lot of their streets with numbers, not names, trying to navigate your self-home when you're new...... HELL. Plus you also have a block number and then a line number or an Avenue........ I don't even know! Then my street is politely cut in two, and the two streets don't even join or are even close to each other. Some town planner just got lazy and made his job up that day. Other than that life is great! I have food, a bed, a job and I can move my body! Namaste

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