IS THAT A SIGN.......?

I perceive myself as a spiritual guy, one who believes that the Universe has my back and is guiding me along my life's journey. But when does looking out for signs become too much and bordering on obsession? I mean sometimes I find myself finding, or is it really looking to find, the most ridiculous "signs" in the silliest places. For example, the other day I finished a phone call with someone from a certain country and then straight after I hung up I got a random like on Facebook, from a friend of a friend, on a photo that I took in the country where the person on the phone was from. Take a breath and re-read that if you have to. Straight away I went into a tail spin, is that a sign? Does everything I just heard on that phone call come down to the timing on a random like on Facebook. Well, Facebook is the Bible of truth, right. If it didn't happen on Facebook then it didn't happen. Isn't that how the world seems to work at the moment? Am I now relying on Facebook to give me signs on which way my life should be going? I have to be honest that phone call was over a week ago and I am still confused whether it was a sign, or I am obsessing over something that just happened coincidentally. Since that random like I have been obsessing over catching more "signs". Is that pop add on my computer another sign? NO, I just googled the subject once, but these days the world is so smart that even our computer knows to confuse the hell out of sign searchers like me. Using their intelligence against us with these stupid pop up ads wrapped up like a sign. I flip flop every hour depending on my mood, yes my moods do swing that fast. One moment my spiritual self is totally sold that Facebook and pop up ads are speaking to me and guiding me, and then I flip to beating myself up for even thinking that there are such things as signs. I am a Libra so my scales do move around a lot. My core spiritual belief is that we are guided through life by perfectly timed signs, that can help us navigate our way through life's path. But I do also believe that sometimes when we are confused, wanting something or not wanting something, we can get caught up in the craziness of looking for guidance. How many times in your life have you thought about something, may be only briefly, then this particular subject for some reason appears in the TV show you are watching, in that newspaper you are reading or on a billboard on the side of the road as you drive past? For me, it's usually things I fear, and then they are everywhere, closing in on me and then I am convinced it's going to happen. Although in this instance it's a good thing, so am I obsessing over it and wanting to see signs or does the Universe really have my back? Oh, the drama of it all. My Libra scales are in full swing. I mean, I have definitely had times in my life where I have acted on signs and they have to lead me down the right road to beautiful destinations, but I have also had experiences where I thought something was a huge neon, fluorescent flashing sign that ultimately blew up in my face. So how do we know what is a sign and what is just us needing or wanting a sign? That, I don't have the answer for, but I do think that if you look past the Facebook likes, past pop up ads and listen to your heart and follow your gut, these are the best signs to look out for. Not a random like on FaceBook or a pop-up ad.

Looking for signs in Kuwait City.

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