Hearing this simple statement while you're laying on a beach in Bali sipping a cocktail is easily swallowed, but on a day when your crying in the spare bedroom back at your parent's house, 22 years after you left the family home, isn't so easy. I have experienced both. As humans, we all have super days and days when we don't want to adult. Days when our path feels like it's shining bright and we have made all the best choices in life. Then some days we reassess every life choice we have made and the path that we are on. Those days when we don’t feel super human, and let's face it in today's world you have to be pretty super to not let the state of the world get to you, we are forced to look back on life and our choices. And yes we do have a choice in our life path, and our choices are why we are, where we are today. As humans, we find it easy to bask in the accolades for the choices that make us look successful, powerful, smart and talented, but we are the first to blame others when our choices end up blowing up in our face, making us look less than perfect. I can only speak from my own experience and I am generalizing, but I am quite confident that if you take a moment to think, you just may find you can relate. Don’t beat yourself up, we are only human. There are however choices that are made for us, stuff that is out of our control. For me, it was the ending of a relationship that came out of now where, overnight. I didn’t choose that ending, but it was my choice to go into the relationship and that choice put me in both the situations mentioned above, sipping a cocktail in Bali and crying in my parent's bedroom. Born from the same choice I had both elation and devastation. However, in both events, I saw this statement of "You are where you're meant to be right now" in very different ways. For me, those words were perfect in Bali but in the bedroom, I couldn't even read them through the tears. Now several months down the track I can see clearly that the choice I made to enter the relationship, brought me both immense pain but also put me on my path to a much brighter future and a much better human being all round. Time doesn’t heal everything, but it certainly helps you realize, that even though your choice was made for you in one event, choices you made leading up to that event put you on that path and as hard as it may be to swallow...... You are where you are meant to be right now. So you may be thinking today, I am nowhere near where I should be right now, those thoughts will change and it will become clear that you actually did have a choice in ending up where you are and it may have ended up being a great choice. So when you feel like hell and someone repeats that simple statement to you, don’t tell them to go jump. Take time. All the time you need and one day you will understand and actually appreciate someone taking the time to share these words of wisdom to you. You really are exactly where you need to be right now.

Cheers to the choices we make. Bali

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