Positive Thinking, Manifesting, Visualize, Day Dream. What the Hell???

I have said it before, I see myself as a spiritual person. I meditate daily, I teach yoga, most of would think this is a prerequisite for my job, and I believe in angels and miracles. But I have to be honest, it can all get a little confusing. I recently had a Rahnni Healing, I highly recommend it, and a part of my "results" was that I needed to relax my spiritual practice. That confused me as I didn't see my practice as heavy. However, after a couple of weeks, I realized that in my desperate search for enlightenment I was overworking my spiritual muscle. When I took a step back I realized I was exhausted. I was participating in a 3-week meditation course, I was signed up for every FREE online spiritual seminar, most of which I watched for 10 mins before realizing I was just staring at my screen. I was trying to make contact with my angles, activate all my chakras, learn transcendental meditation, studying ayahuasca, practicing Yoga every day. When I looked at what I was doing I realized the wise advice from my healing was correct. I actually was so stressed out my body was starting to react. Our feelings do manifest into our bodies and coupled with the fact I am also trying to pull out tricks I did when I was a fit younger dancer, my body was acting up. This got me thinking. Am I doing too much? Do I need to relax? For example, my favorite past time would be drifting off in my head and imagining myself in situations that I would like to be in. I saw this as Positive Thinking, no wait, Manifesting, no sorry I meant, Daydreaming actually really I mean Visualizing. Confused? So am I. Day Dreaming, Positive Thinking, Manifesting, Visualizing aren't these all the same thing??? Aren't they all of the same family? I mean when I Daydream I imagine situations I would like to occur. When I Visualize I picture situations I would like to materialize. When I Positive Think, I think of positive outcomes in my life. When I Manifest I imagine myself living in scenarios of my choosing. Huh? Still confused? Me to. When did it all get so confusing to be a positive, spiritual person who is in tune with their flow? There is so much information available at a click of our fingers with so many experts with their own views and techniques, it gets so confusing to know what to do and what category it falls under. I just want to think positive and dream, imagine and hope for an outcome that will make my life mine, the way I have created it. For me, this falls into all of the above categories. However, while doing some research on the above topics I found this doozy about Daydreaming.......... "Daydreaming is a behavioral disorder. Daydreamers are actually not in touch with the reality. They are absorbed in their own world. Daydreamer child may lose social contact with his surrounding." Wow just wow! Really? That's pretty harsh. I certainly don't think I have a behavioral disorder, any more that is, but I love daydreaming and sending positive thoughts out into the world. The world has so many labels already and then we start labeling spirituality and isn't spirituality about simplicity and living with enough and not in excess. Yet the information that is available is so vast that it's enough to cause you such anxiety about what you should be doing and what it is called. It's enough to stop believing in angels and deal with what life throws you. But isn't that spirituality too? Just going with the flow and taking life as it comes. So I realized that the advice I was given to relax my spiritual practice was wise. I had got so caught up in trying to make myself a better person I was actually just depleting myself. With all that information floating around in the cyber world no wonder it all gets too heavy. So for anyone just starting out on this journey. Take your time. Take it slow. Don't read 100 articles just read what resonates with you and work with that. What works for someone else may not work for you. Most importantly have fun with and it and enjoy it. For me, I have taken on that advice and simplified my routine. So, for now, I'm just going to leave it all, go dream of Bali and talk to my angels. Namaste

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