I look like the laughing Buddha! Why can't I be more like him?

If you have read my blog before you know I teach and practice yoga, meditate, manifest, visualize, have a shaved head, used to be quite round and don’t take myself too seriously. Hence the title of this blog. But still, I have a monkey mind! We have over 50 000 thoughts a day! That’s a hell of a lot of thinking and if these thoughts aren't positive, uplifting and friendly, I dare you to have 50001 thoughts and think about the chaos we are creating inside our fragile minds. Daily! Remember, we are what we think. Now isn’t that a scary thought. Some days my mind is free and clear as a flowing river and other days it’s messy as Friday after work drinks. On those messy days, if even ¾ of those thoughts are depressive, judgemental, mean and sad, then no wonder some days we think life sucks. Even with all my spiritual work, it’s hard to fight off these not so friendly days. I can't even begin to imagine what it is like if you don’t have some sort of combat in the way of self- help or any other armor in place to fend off these darker days and help you fight back. Today as I write this, it’s a good day. I can’t give you a prescription on the how and why and honestly I haven't done anything really different. However, today is a good day. I feel light, I feel like the universe has my back, I feel free, I feel happy, I feel comfortable being me, I feel like everything will be ok. So how do I make this feeling in pill form, not the prescription kind or love drugs, and ready to swallow when I feel like a mess? Day to day I have a life better than a lot and not as good as many. But on my travels and life experience, I have discovered we all have the same internal mental struggles no matter what we have or lack in life or where in the world we are. Our minds still all work on the same premise. As sad as it is, most people I talk to say that their mental stress comes from a lack of financial resources or lack of self-confidence. Not feeling fit, pretty, good enough or lack the ability to keep up with the Joneses and their expensive tastes. Let’s face it, we are all bombarded daily by beautiful images on our phones which seem to be surgically attached to people’s hands these days. So the images are constant. Constant beauty. Constant beach shots. Constant dinners. Constant fun. A constant reminder of what we think we are lacking in our lives. Now my all time favorite Social Media, the airport check-in. We all have those friends who are always checking in the Business Class lounge at the airport when we all know really they are flying Tiger. Even though we know deep down that a lot of what we see is Fake News, being bombarded with this daily and having fragile minds already from the crazy, fearful and unstable world we live in, our monkey mind won’t stop the comparison game. I’m sure your aware, Social Media plays a huge roll in the mental state of the world. I also totally agree that a lot of mental stress and constant thought comes from what we lack in our bank accounts; let's face it if we didn't have to stress about bills that frees up some space in our minds. I have been in that position, a brief one, where I didn't wake up and worry about bills. I also once was young, fit and not ugly. Both situations were great. However, I didn't wake up in the morning with less mental anguish, if anything I was always scared of those situations ending and they did. Both of them. One because no amount of botox stops the earth from spinning around the Sun and the other, well maybe I manifested it with all the negative energy of worrying that it may disappear. For that brief moment in my life that money wasn’t my greatest stress, I was round (as in body size), just like the laughing Buddha, fast forward 18 months and I now wake up with the stresses of paying bills but have my 20-year-old body back. Do I still have mental Anguish? YES. Now once again I am a slave to bills and back in an industry where part of my job is physical and if you don't have it on Social Media then it didn't happen. I now find myself struggling still with not feeling fit enough, not strong enough, not young enough, again and even though I can pay my bills, I have to work damn hard to do it. But I still feel like I am trying to keep up with the Jones's and most of them are 20, can wrap their legs around their head while sipping a coconut on some tropical beach somewhere and they don't even need to filter their photos. I'm done. So it seems to me that whatever your circumstance is in life, even when bills aren’t your enemy or your 20 with a metabolism that actually works to your advantage. There will always be the space for the feeling of lack and the mental anguish that comes along with being human. Plus our choosing to have Social Media accounts, we are handing ourselves a head start into the steep decline of self-doubt and comparison. So even though I may have similar features to a Buddha, I have no way of stilling my monkey mind permanently. All I can do is practice putting it on pause daily and be happy with what I have and most importantly forget about the Jones's. I don't even know them.

Keeping up with the Joneses in Greece

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